Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mom's Signature Book: Relative Signatures

This book was given to my mother in 1939. (mom's tenth birthday) "To Ileen on your birthday March 18, 1939; from your teacher Clara Pearson."
  It has many interesting signatures, and I am including here those by family.
Aunt Ruth composes a rhyme and mentions her husband, Theron.
April 22, 1939: Uncle Theron and I are here today
Tomorrow we will be on our way
Sunshine and truth--
I love you dear, Auntie Ruth

Her father wrote:
Study your music and try to do as mother teels [tells] you to do.  And I am sure that everything will com out all-right.  Dad

Her father added another entry: Ileen, As we do thru life we cannot do as we would like to.  But we must take this world as it comes and goes and in doing so everybody will love and respect you.

Her sister wrote: March 22, 1939, I love you very much.  I hope you do me.  A sister, Rose Marie  (Rose Marie was eight)

This one is written by Aunt Sara Prestwich:  Dear Ileen, I love you very much as a mother and very much as a person.  I will try to help to very much, Love, Sara

From her twin sister: August 26, 1940.  To the year you met Junior Harrison, Roses are red, violets are blue, Sugar is sweet; but you're sweeter.  I love you, Your sister Charleen Wright.  Forget me not.

The note pad also includes similar advise and limericks from classmates, teachers and friends.  There is one who says he is her boyfriend.  There are a couple with pictures attached.

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