Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Grandmother's Sisters, Aunt Ruth and Aunt Marie

Aunt Ruth

Ruth and Kate Marie

Aunt Marie
My grandmother had two younger sisters.  Kate Marie Brandley was three years younger than my grandmother.  She married Elmo Coburn and they had five children.

Ruth Naomi Brandley was born nine years after my grandmother.  She married Theron Nielsen.  This union ended in divorce.  They did not have children.

Growing up, Aunt Ruth, much of the time, lived with Grandma Wright.  She had the slobberiest kisses you can imagine, but all the same, we were expected to kiss she and grandma whenever we visited.  Her bedroom was the first on the right going in the back door; across from the bathroom.  She always had nice hair combs and other treasures in her room, but we didn't go in there very much.

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