Friday, January 17, 2014

Mom's Pictures

I have come by my mother's pictures, and these are a few of them, mostly of friends.
Grandma Geneve Brandley Wright, blessing dress
1956 Mom and ???

1965 Geronimo Villareal,Frans Yorgesen, Jack Yorgesen, Verella Yorgesen, SLC

developed 1969
 These 1980 pictures had captions, but cut off
1980 and Marilyn

1980 aug __en and Vivian James

1980 Darlene Possey Nield, Neva Crain Boam

1980 mrs Rock, Mrs Possey, Mrs Crain

1980, jonas Gurard, Passey Nield, Park, Crain Boam, Jones Clements, Rock Mackay, Stanger Stewart, vine Stanger Watson

1980__n and Marlene Stanger

1989 Oct 30, mom and Roesmarie

1989, Oct 30
Logan Tabernacle and ???

Joanne Rock

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