Sunday, January 26, 2014

Genealogy from My Mothers Primary Segolia Book

Seagull girls was the 12 and 13 year old girls activity program in Primary.  They would meet after school one day a week.  This page above gives dates of my mother's birth, baptism and confirmation.  She was baptized and confirmed by Newell Prestwich.  It also gives her parents: Charles J. Wright and Geneve Brandly.  My mother's grandparents are Hyrum I. Wright and Ann Harper, Karl Brandley and Jane Jeremy.  Her great grand parents, John Wright and Charlotte Smith, Benjamin Harper and Elizabeth Phipps, Henry Brandley and Annie [Meyer] Brandley, T.E. Jeremy and Minie Bosch.

My mother wrote: I can be kinder to father by obeying him and getting my music and getting his slippers and not fighting and get his paper.
I can be kinder to Mother by obeying and getting my music and doing the dishes.
I can be kinder to my sisters by doing what they tell me to not fighting with them.
I can be kinder to my brothers by doing what they tell me and not fighting with them.

Below is my mothers faith promoting story "Healed by Faith."  My father was very sick in the hospital; not expected to live.   They had to send for all his brothers and sisters.  Mother keep up her faith.  He got better around New Years.  The doctor said to mother when daddy was getting well, "Between your faith and my help your husband is well."

My mother wrote: Suggestion I have found, Eat Karo syrup like the Junior triplets so it make others big and strong.  They eat it every morning for breakfast on waffles.  [I don't know if Karo syrup is a good idea.]
This is a note from my grandmother on the parent page:  I have enjoyed working with my girls very much in many ways as the following examples; teaching them to cook, sew and mend, be polite, courteous, net and faithful to our church.  I have appreciated the good and loyal work of the teachers in their effort to make my girls a success in Primary and life.

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