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Isaac Wardle Missionary Letters 1

I have gotten a c.d. of Isaac's letters and documents from Michael Wardle, of Boise who descends from Isaac and Sophia.   The letters were written during his mission, mostly to reassure his family that he was fine.  As I look through them I am impressed with Isaac's love for his wives and his children.  His testimony is also apparent.  It is difficult to transcribe them.  This is due to time, and misspelled words.  Michael transcribed one from later in his mission, and I have done one from when he was traveling to England. I hope to add more letters overtime.

Note from IJW to family
Transcribed as written by Isaac John Wardle

Saturday Morning
Jan 25 1879
Dear families
Than god that we are getting along  wer at 30 miles fro hom.  We shall be in Pitbuge at dine
Start for New York at 1 here  That you are well as it leves me I lan at Wright for we ar gaine so sust  I J Wardle
[Some unintelligible] to you I shall Dd the Best  My health is been goo ever sinc I left home  keep your selves in good Cheer concern me  go is with us.

LTRfromIJW August 7, 1879
Transcribed as written by Isaac John Wardle
Ag 7, 1879
Digmore____, Lancshire, ED
Page 1:To my Dere Wives and Children good morning to you one and all i hope that you are all well at this time i ham very glad to tell you that my halth is much beter
than i have been for some time thank you i have been in the hands of very fine friends i make mantin up Bro and sister Marsh and Wiltsen at Wigen all John Tinsely and Glover Newtune and sis Ruebotem up holen and Bro and Sister Derby shire at Dig more and many others is far as they can make me comfeble. ___ Wich i feel thankful to hallmity God that he as bee so minful of me as to rase up friends to minester to me in time of need and i hope and pray that God will bles them for evry thank that they have to comfort me Page 2: in my affliction thrue wich [which] i have past so far i have been relest from been pr___ of the Wigen District on the count of my halth and a priside over the Chester District to wich place i have been once pres----- Budas and Bunting told me to travle eney whare thout proper for 1 or 2 wheaks but thay Wood Like me to bee in Liverpool at Confrenc on the 17 this climit is very ingures to meney of the Elders it as Raned all this Wheak We had 4 or 5 Days Dry Wather the last 2 Wheaks. 4 Days before that Whe only had some 4 or 5 Days that Whe sawe the sune it ranes most all the time i Do not see how the Erth Drinks all the Water that comes frome abouve it looks Like the judgements of God as Come in this land i hope that Page 3: the Lord will gather out is sant before the grate deluge sahll come on the wicked for i can see them coming very fast I meant then that I spoken of in the 18th Chaper of Ravelations it wood be good for our yongment to reed that chapter and to infom themselves with pidetions of the servants of God I have injoyed myself very much in my labers traveling and preaching to sants and I tell you I never felt haper in all my life than I due in speeking to those have no met the gospel of god In the haper have our outdore meetings as been very well atended We little oppsition but that nothing is honly halp to make us to prepare ourselves for the work of God and to put our trust in him We feel  Page 4: that he as even been with the larned minersters come to aprose us We come of victims and we have had frandes in every place to we have been ____ for God as given us his spirit so fam I recved my sone John later Dated July 6: I was glad that he felt to due all that he cood to make me and my famaly comfortile I was sorey to larne the ___  of sheep but I thout like Page 5: Do not du enething to heart one another feelings compety another all you can I feel in my harte to bles you all and ask God to  bless you and I hope that you will perserved from all the snares that besets monttes heare on erth I wood be glad to see you all but wate till the right time shall come I shall righte you before long infrome you hou my halth is I have not wrote much to you lattely on account of my halth I home that you and all my breathen will forgive me for it tell all the nebers I have not forgot them I wood be glat to hear from them eney time Page 6: I expect to right to meney of them When I can set at a table the resene is that I can not have got pane in my breast and kidneys I can walk beter than set doune to right bee of good Cheer all will be right with me I get a later from J A Clever the other day tell him I feel thankfull it I will right mim as soom as I can I must conclue with my love and efeclen to you all thake care of the Baby send me word how he is good by God bless you all is the prare of your husbend and father Isaac J Wardle
Bee good Children all right to farther a little peace in a later if no more make a x

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  1. Thank you for posting these letters. I didn't know they existed. I look forward to reading more of them.