Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Mom's memories of William and Annie Sorenson Wardle reunions

Wardle Reunion by: Ileen Wardle
The last week in July of even years was a special time for our family as the Wardle [William Haston and Anne Sorenson] reunion would be held in Pocatello, Idaho at Ross Park.  The children enjoyed getting together with their cousins they hadn’t seen since the last reunion.
    Everyone brought a special dish and a big pot luck dinner was served.  We all looked forward to Aunt Lucy’s delicious German chocolate cake, Aunt Lucille’s fresh raspberries that she had picked the day before from her patch.  There were all kinds of salads, baked beans, rolls, chicken, ham and roast beef.  Everyone gathered around the table for blessing on the food, fixed our plates, and ate until one could hardly move.
    After dinner there were many different kinds of games for the children as the adults watched the sack races, foot races and then a good ballgame was played.  Pictures were taken of each family group and then many interesting stories were told of the good old days in the Teton Valley were Grandpa and Grandma Wardle had raised their family.  A program was presented with a member from each family presenting a number such as singing, dancing, playing the violin and speaking.
    In the later part of the day a genealogy meeting was held and family group sheets were brought up to date.  During the meeting most of the children would go swimming.  [There was a pool across the street.] 
A delightful time was enjoyed by all and families again left for their various homes.

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