Sunday, October 7, 2012

Your Heart Will Burn: Scene 6, Ship Horizon

This scene is the first day aboard the Ship Horizon, or actually the first several days.  It starts with everyone meeting everyone.  I have Isaac meeting Langley and John Bailey.  However I have since discovered they actually attended the same branch, and very likely traveled from Whitwick England to Liverpool to together.  The first part concludes with the company singing "Friends for Life."
The second part establishes a relationship between Betsy Ashton and Isaac Wardle.  It also sets up Peter McBride as being a tease of Mary Ashton.  However I do not know if Isaac had a relationship with the Ashtons at this time but used artistic license.  This section includes the song "Farewell to Thee England" which was a poem written aboard the Ship Horizon.  It is put to a familiar hymn.

The scene concludes with a meeting lead by President Richards and Elder Martin.  Robert McBride, who was the song leader, leads a song for the meeting.  An interesting note is the delay the Horizon had.  After being towed out to the river, some of the crew mutinied, and had to be replaced.  The leadership would have been put together quickly, and a young man like Isaac would have had plenty to do. The meeting includes a cultural dance.  The Horizon had members from Scotland and England.  The first mate was described by John Jaques as a surly type of man.  However he wooed one of the Mormon Women to marry him at the end of the voyage. 
This section also includes the romance of Mary and William.

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