Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Letter from Whitwick

The letter is not always in the correct order

Ijw to family
Whitick Lester shear England Feb 17 1878
Dear Wifes[,] it With love and Afacten that i set Doune to Right to you and my Dear Children hoping that this short later May find you in good halth as it leves me[,] Thank god[.]  i have viset the graves of my grandfather and is famley at the toune of my Birth and found some old frends that Was glad to see me and Mad me Welcome to shuch as thay to to heat [eat] and handed me The Recrd to find my ansesters Names thay told me that it Cost me 8 shilings and 6 penc[;] But after teling them that i Come 74:42 Miles to get this acount of my ansesters thay said that if i Come so many Miles for that thay Cood Do Watt thay had Dun With [page 2] out pay and thay told Me that i must stay and heat Diner With them and told me to Call any time that i Was that Way[.]  i visited all around the tound and found some old acquentes [acquaintances] glad to hear of my father and is famely and of salt Lake Citey and that i had travled so many Miles thay think i have more Exprnenc in travlin then all the pepel in the toune[.]  thay is lots of fokes that is 40 to 65 years old Never Been 20 Mills from hom yet thay go to Work for som body Eles from 60 to 75 cents per Day all the Which go hom on Satud Night With this little Money to support Thair family with Brad and Diner Closes [clothes] and the Luctries [luxuries] of Life then go to Church on shunday[;] But  [page three] No nomore [know no more] to Day about thing in the Eternel Worlds then thay Did when thay Was 10 years old[.]  1 man told me that Was hapy in that Was But Did Not no any thing about the futher[.]  the preacher Was the man to hume thay trusted for all knoleg about havenly Things[.]  no tratiges? For them sefes[.]  this is the Condition of all i have Talked to on faith.  i start in the morning to the Bige toune of Leister to my my unkell Isaac Wardle then to my field of laber[.]  I have rought [written] to Bro Budge at Livepool that i ham Noue ready for it[.]  i have Been visiting the saints and talking to them in Rauand to the kindem of god here on the Earth.  Ben to 5 Meeting[.]  spook to the people Both sant and siner Wich give Bery good attention to Wat i had to say to [page four] them[.]  i Was glad to Bee in the old meting house and to see the Brethen and sisters once more[;] But Not so glad to see them in the Distres Cirstamnce [circumstances][.] si  many of them having No more then $9:50 cts per Weake to Live Han if this is the Condisen of all the fokes in England i know Not Watt thay Will Du[.]  my hart brakes for them[.] i Expet that Most of the Elders Now in England Will have to send home for halpe[.]  this is Deprent to Watch[.]  thay must to Du save all all you Can for Me if i Due Not have help from home knot [know] not Wat i shall Due[.]  the Elders Will have to Call on the Wards thay com from if things Du Not Chang[.]  so you see that Wat We heard Before i left home is More than true[.]  tell Bis Wit Bills to Reed this to the sants so that thay can prepare to meet it if thay are called on so to Du[.]  [page five]  s i Du Not think i shall Whrite to you Again till i get to my feeld of Laber[.]  i hope that all is goine on Wright[.]  i think of you A grate Deal[.]  i hope that Johnay my Dear Boy Will Bee a good and Afacten sone to you and as a father to my Children my prairs is Morning Nune and Night that god May bles him With health that he may proforme Every Dutey Requried at his hands and to have a Wach care over What i left for him to see to[.]  tell D german to Due the very Best he Can With the sheep[.]  i have full Confednc that he up to is Dutey and that he Will be on the Watch[.]  i say the same to Joseph Egbert[.]  Bee a good Boy to me as i am far [page six] a Way from home and have Not the Chanc to see to thngs my self[.]  i have Not got home sick yet and hope i shall Not till i filled my Mishin and Been by honered Relesed[.]  my Ming is on the Work of god to Wich I have Been Called to Du and thing at home I hardly think of[.]  But my Dear family Comes to my Mind With all the focks and the blessing you all in joye[.]  my Mounten home Was heaven Dear to me[.]  you have herde me sai i Now Can presheate [appreciate] it more then Ever Before[.]  give my love to all the my friends as i have many i shall right som leter to[;]  my nebers after a little[.]  i must Conclud With my kind love to you all and pray god to Bles you and preserve you all from the poure [poer] of the advasary is the prair of your husband and farther and Brother in the gospel of peace[.]  Isaac J Wardle

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