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Isaac's Missionary Letters 1879

 Three more transcribed letter

IJW letter, from those that were stitched, not including prior pages, no date but talks of being on ship

The see-man say that when thay is anay of the Elder on Bord that thay have no fears but all Will be Right[.]  thay say that [not] one Ever Was lost When our people Was With them[.]  hoping that these fue lines Will find you all Well as it [is with] Me[.]  thank god I have No feares as to hour safety  But I have as to you and the Children[.]  Martha Sophai gots Bee of good chear[.]  All is well with those that put thine trust in god[.]  No more at present from your husband and father in good spirits[,]  Isaac J Wardle

IJW to family Jan 29, 1879
Jan 29, 1879 New York Bay
[pg one]  My Dane famley[,]  I have been on bord 24 houres only[.]  travel 10 miles the Whaten [White] out[.] Been Deep a nuph to go to see But expect to starte in 3 houres[.]  the site I now behold is something that wood make you gase With Wonder[.] 
The ship Rodes to Much to right Much but thinking one Word Mite bee of some comfort to you[.]  I ahsll do the Best[.]  My helth is been good[;] Ever since I lefe home[.]  keep your selves in god Cheer Concern me[.]  God is with us[.]
[pg two]  give my love to all[.]  kis the children for me[.]  I shall right wen at New York[.] I J Wardle

Ijw to family from New York

Jan 27 1879 New York
My Dear Martha & Sophia, John & Crelez [Crilla Marie] Mentay  [Araminta] & William Joseph &Charles Hannah and my Dear little sillas, i set down to Right to let you all Know how I am at present[.]  i am Well at this time[.]  thank god for this Blesing, hoping that you are all tha same[.]  i am Now far a Way from you but I Can see you all the same].]  I lass see you all the same it is 2870 Miles that We are anpart but I hope hear long it Will Be ganed younited and that We shall Be preserved fromall Danger thill Whe have finishened our Mishin and I have the privlig to Returne [pagetwo] Home to you all again[.]  i have pray god to Bles you all and preserve you that sicknes Nor Deth may Not Make in Rude among you and I hope that I hav got your Best Wahis [wishes] [.]  We trakted Night and Day till REacht this City Not having time to Right to you[.]  i sent 2 scraps to let you [k]Now that i was all right[.]  We came on Express all the Way stopng 10 minits at Ogden 30 at Omaha 40 Chicago 20 at pit burg 15 at pilhadapy arrived at new york shunday at 7 clock[.]  Meating Was a painted at 10 oc Wich We attended and myself and B[rother] south  [page three] Spoke to the people Wich glad to see us and hear form us and that all is Well in zion[.]  We have been this morning and got our Berth No 69 Wich We go to on the 28 at 8 oclock[.]  start for at 9 oclock if all is Welle[.]  the sants are very kind to us[;] du all thay can for us; invite us to eate With them[.]  But  have not got plases for us to sleep[.]  We stay at hotel at Night Wich cost $2 for Bead[.]  I have just got Word of Brother H. Banean sade Rivel at Liverpool England[.]  hoping 11 dayes to be their[.]  i now shall say to be thankfull that you are in the valey of the Mountanes[.]  the Wickness that We see is sickning to Eyes[;]  [page four]  prostetuetnt on Evry hand, Ralrode in Every place, prafanetz till i thought that god Will Com out of is hiding plase and Chasen this nation[.]  i feel More thankful that your lot is Cast with the sants in the valays of the Mountins f[ar] away from the seens[.]  i  Now bha to give My love to all my frends[.]  tell Bro Winseround to Excuse me for not Rithing to him, tim very preshes[.]  at present We have Not got time to Eate lastey[.]  We have got to viset the sants Before We start Which is our Dutey[.]  so No More at present from you husband and father[.]  Issac J Wardle to My famley Wright at Liverpool.

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