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Isaac Letter, March 8, 1879 from Wigan, England

This letter talks about Isaac's being called to Wigan as a branch president and his reaction to this.  His experiences visiting the Saints.  Just before ending he has advise for young people who are thinking of going on a mission.

IJW to family from Wigan
In corner, Wardle good by aman
Wigan March 8 1879 Lanatier shire [Lancashire] England
My had [head] jurtes [hurts] at present[.]  Dear Wives and Children it is With plusher that I have This optunety to Right to you[,] hoping thisse fue Lines Will find you Well as it Leves me at this time With the Exepten of a very Bad Cold Wich I have had for 3 Whicks[.] But I hope as Warme Whather is Coming i shall be Beter soone.  i have Not herd from you on home sinc i left[.]  But i hope hear Before Long[.]  i Did Not knowe Whare to tell you to Wright to me till Nowe so i Excuse you[.]  i have been apointed to the Leverpool confrenc to travel unger the Directen of Elder D. Branten[.]  i Was at the half year conference Last Shunday With the Church athroities [authorities] in England and We had a good time[.]  the [page two] sprit of god Was With us[.]  Both speker and hearer felt that god Blesed is servents but i was at this time very Weake to stand up to speek to the Congration[;] But god strantened [strengthened] me for the task[.]  i ashure you i feel my Weaknes to full file the position i Now ocpie[occupy][.]  at the Meeting During the Day it Was Mothined [motioned] that i Bee presidnt of the Wigan Branc and that i travel thrue all the Branchis from Wigan to Liverpoole[,] a Distence of 70=80 Miles and strenten the santes all Lay in my power[.]  i have taken it up on my self to go and see all the santes famelys as a teacher and see Wat I Can Due to strengthen them Wich thay Need very Much[.]  I have visited all this Whick[;] found Maney old people that joined the Curch [page three] 35 years a go[.]  i find a good Deal of Difrence hear in visiting to What i Dide at home visiting[.]  in som plases Whare the Man is in the Church and the Whoman out; some times Whoman in and the Man out With Children Thaken both sids of the qusten[.]  this position i Now ocpoie [occupy] is one that Requires both Wisdam and the sprit of god to Due it fatherly and Du my Dutey[.]  i told Brother Wit Bills that the Expenc  i had got Befor i left home Wood bee of some Worth to me Not Thinking that i shud Need it so soone[.]  But I hop that I have got your prayers and that the Bishop and Couneil and the teachers Will pray for me in their presthod Meatings[.]  i knowe that i Need them very Muck[.]  No one Nose Evethy thing about Wat We have to put up With Excpt he has had [page four]Exprence [experience] in this position[.]  if i am Crectly [correctly] in formed it is Much Defrent to What is Was 10 to 15 years a go[.]  i have Been to 13 Meetings sinc i left home[.]  i Espet to visit all thrue the Districk and then I Will Right to you again[.]  good Night[.]  Cabed away it is all right[.]  Mondy Morning 10 oclock march the 10 1879[.]  i Now have time to Right afue Minits More to you Expeting that to be Callad a Way Evry Minit so you see i have Not Much time to Call my honen [own][.]  as yet i Du Not knowe When I shall have in travling from house to house[.]  i  Du Not get Chance to Reed and Right so you Must not think it hard of me: i took my position as president of the Wigan Branch yeastady[;] Was well Receved by the santes[.]  [page five] i ashure you i Thaught that god had Chooses the Wjeakes [weakest] of all Man to Lead the people[.]  i knowe that i have not had the Esperence as some as had[;] But god as Called me to this position thrue is servents: and i trust in him a Lone to help me to Du my Duty as a Man of god[.]  o Begin to Relise What your Bishop Wit Bills as to put up With in part: But he is at home at Night Whear he Can bee With the Lov one at home[.]  i have not the privlig[.]  i have to trust in the Lord and the kindness of is people for What I heate and Drink and my Bead[.]  I think Wat a privleg it is for you to Enjoye the Comforts of Life so library bestoed on you and the sants at home[.]  my hart yarnes Whith in me Whan i see my pore Brethen have to go to [page six] go to Whorke in the Morning With out the Comfet [comfort] of the Mortles [mortal] Body[,] Requires thay Work from 10 to 14 houres per Day for 75 cts to $1 and think thay are Duing Well[.]  This Wood be if thay had Work all the time[.]  but some gets from 2 to 3 per Whick at the most and thay think it Will bee Worst then What it is[.]  i have see men from holden Whaine[,] Bro Blacke and anone gasside Com from and thay say that men Cannot get Work at all With the ecption of a Day nou an then[.]  it is Not strand [stange] to see from 1 to 200 Men on the streets Conners standing Wating for som thing to turne up[.]  1 Man told me that he had travled 5 Whick to find Work and had not[.]  i  have bee accosted on the street by Whiming [women] hume [whom] i thought was in good Comfebele [page seven] Circumstaces[,] asking for som think to keep them and their Cildren from starving[.]  i have seen all that i Want to Do to satsfie me that god judgment as Bugan in the Nation of the Erth: and I Wood bee glad to get home again But my Mishin is Not filled yet and I due Not Want to Lave till god servents say it is a nuf: so my Dear family Du Not Wurey about me Eney more then What is Right and Natril[.]  i have got the same Cros to Ware as my Brethren on thie mishine and We think that god Will be With us in all that We Du if We fathley Du our Duty[.]  We think that god thrue is servents Dus manifest is poure and that he Will gather in the Lost sheep of Esrel [Israel] if We fathfuly Du our Duty But this the spirit of god and peracevend [perseverance] to accomplish this[.]  tell My yong Brethen [page eight] to get Ready for mishins for agrate many Will have to Come to preach the gospel to this and other Nations[.]  tell tham to Reed thine Bible so that When thay are Caled thay Can say som think in faver of god and is kingdom[.]  i thought i Read agood Deale but i find i No nothing to What i haut to No[.]  Let you Bishop Reed this and if he thinks it is Worth Reeding to the saint in Meating he Can Do so[.]  i give me and Bro Jasey Vinsent you praires[.]  i knowe that he Need them as Well as my self[.]  i Wood lick to see som one from south jorden if it Was But a small Endrigul like my self that had the sprit of god that We Cod in struct Each other in the Dis Charge of our Duties[.]  give my Love to all of my Breathen and sisters[.]  i start on 2 Whicko vist in a place [can’t tell] [,]  good by to you all[.]  my adres is at present No 42 Islington Liverpool[,] the same as you Read in the Deseret Newes[.]  I J Wardle

[This note is above page four] Tell my breathen that i shod be glad to hear from them Eny time[.]  i have Not had time to right to them as yat[.]  thay Must forgive Me[.]  so No more at present[,] from your husband and father[.]

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