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Isaac Wardle: Patriarchal Blessings

This is forwarded to me by Iva Beckstead
On January 7, 1875, a notice appeared in the “Deseret News” newspaper of Homestead Patents that had been received in the Land Patent Office and which were now ready for delivery.  Isaac J. Wardle and William Wardle both appeared in this news column.


 Blessing #373 – South Jordan, Salt Lake County, January 25, 1875.  Isaac was 40 years old when he received this Patriarchal Blessing.

“A blessing given by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of Isaac John Wardle, son of John and Mary Wardle, born in Ravenstone, Leicestershire, England on June 14, 1835.

Brother Isaac according to thy desire I place my hands upon thy head to in the name of Jesus Christ pronounce and say a blessing upon thee which shall be a guide and comfort unto thee.  Thou art of the House of Israel, thy pathway hath been fraught with trials and difficulties thy guardian angel hath preserved thy life for thou hast a mission to perform, which if thou art faithful will exalt thee hereafter and give thee peace.  Therefore be upon thy guard, seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that you may overcome the evils of thy nature and obtain the spirit of the Lord to direct thy mind and give thee strength and grace sufficient for thy day for it is thy privilege to live to a good old age and travel much for the Gospel’s sake and assist in gathering scattered Israel and do a work for thy kindred who are now in darkness for there are honest in heart who will rejoice with thee hereafter.  Thou art of the blood of Joseph through the lineage of Ephraim and entitled to the blessings of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with the gifts of the priesthood.  Therefore be prudent and seek to know the will of the Lord concerning thee so thou shalt be warned of events to come, the vision of thy understanding shall be opened and thou shalt see and understand things as they are.  Thou shalt realize that the hand of the Lord has been over thee for good.  He both heard thy petitions and will answer thee if thou wilt ask in faith and will be prospered in thy journeyings at home and abroad, be blessed in thy labor spiritually and temporally.  Therefore I say unto thee let thy faith fail not and every word of this blessing shall be fulfilled, for I seal it upon thee by virtue of the holy Priesthood and I seal thee up unto eternal life to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection a Saviour among thy kindred, even so, Amen”.
– H. S. – Recorder


Blessing #345 – pronounced upon Brother Wardle when he was 72 years old.

A Patriarchal Blessing given at Parker, Fremont County, Idaho on February 25, 1908, under the hands of Andrew J. Hansen upon the head of Isaac John Wardle, son of John and Mary Kinston Wardle – born June 14, 1836 at Ravenstone, Leicestershire, England – R.F.D. # 3, Saint Anthony, Idaho.

“Brother Isaac in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I place my hands upon your head as a servant of the Lord, and in the authority of a Patriarch confer upon you a blessing which shall be with you through life and which shall be a beacon light unto you even into eternity.

Thou art of the Royal Blood of Israel of the House of Joseph through the loins of Ephraim and the blessings of the Holy Priesthood, the blessings of standing at the head of your generation’s and kindred as a saviour and redeemer be upon you.  The blessings of the patriarch’s of old, even Abraham, the faithful of the faithful, so shall it be unto you.

In thee and thy seed shall kindred tongues and peoples be blessed and a ruler, a leader, a preacher of righteousness shall not depart from thine house even unto the end of time.

Prophets and apostles shall come forth through thy lineage, and their record shall refer with pride and honor to Isaac, their father.

And now dear Brother at the eve of life I bless thee as one of the noble, venerable, faithful and true servants of the Lord, who has stood faithful through the trying ordeals of life, who have been polished, tempered, and purified, according to Gods own will and purposes, prepared in due time to receive a fullness of glory in the eternal mansions for a mansion hath been prepared for you and the blessings of the Lord await you on every hand.

I say unto you the Lord shall spare you from undue bodily suffering.  You shall live yet many years and enjoy life and the pursuits of happiness.  Generations unborn of your lineage shall prattle about your knees, shall stroke your cheeks, and kiss your lips, shall touch your heart and your joy shall be full.

Through them your inheritance shall be established in the hand of Joseph.  Through them you shall be represented in the various nations of the earth, in the temples of the Lord, in the redemption of the living and the dead.

In due time keys and powers of which you know not now shall be conferred upon you, even the keys of the resurrection and you shall call forth through the veil of eternity your wives and your children and complete the labours of this probation and enter into your glory.

In this life you shall find friends on every hand, your enemies and opponents shall sink into oblivion and they shall be blotted out from the book of your remembrance.

Your children shall gather around you and the old hearthstone and bless and comfort your latter days.

I seal you up unto eternal life to come forth even in the morning of the first resurrection, yea even to meet the King of Kings at his coming, in the clouds of heaven and welcome him and be of that happy number spoken of by the prophets of old.  And this shall be your reward for the acceptance of and the keeping of the laws of the Lord in your time and day, and eternal laws in the world to come forever, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen.”  - Recorded by Solomon Hansen.

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