Sunday, January 20, 2013

Picture Identification

left Mintia, right Mintia or Etta May

right Altheamer and his wife Rose Powell Wardle,
Left Junius and Ann Rommel Wardle
Thanks for the blog updates, Billy. I enjoy them very much!
Hey, I have some old photos and I think they are photos of the Wardle family. My grandmother was very particular about labeling her own photos with names and dates, but when she passed away we found an old box full of pictures that we think may have been given to Grandma when some other relative died. Because the pictures aren’t labeled, we know they didn’t start out in Grandma’s possession. She may have been given them after her eyesight had diminished to the point of not being able to see who the people in the photos were.
Two of the photos are of the same teenaged girl. One has “Junius” written on the back, and one has “Mintia” written on the back. Since these are two of Isaac Wardle’s children with Martha Egbert, I am guessing that the young girl in the photo is Etta May Wardle, the youngest sister in that branch of the family. This leads me to believe that many of the other photos in the box are of the Wardle family. Some are of babies and will probably never be identified, but some are of adults; weddings, graduations, etc. I’m attaching a couple of them. If you recognize any of the people in them could you let me know?
Patti Call
PS- Grandma is Crilla Aldura Myers Egbert, who is the daughter of Annie May Butterfield Myers, who is the daughter of Crilla Wardle Butterfield, who is one of Isaac Wardle’s daughter with Martha Egbert.
This pictures say Beckstead? on the back

This picture also says Beckstead?
 This picture has names, but I am not sure who they are?  The back says "Rose and her daughter."  It then adds Wineger?  It looks like "Rose and her daughter" is written by my grandmother, and "Wineger" by my father. This is corrected as Rose Powell Wardle and her daughter Fern Wardle White.


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    Billy Wardle
    Billy Wardle genealogy: Picture Identification
    This is a place for my genealogy. At this time I am researching Isaac John Wardle History. He was a Mormon handcart pioneer.
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    Virginia Hopson Billie, I can help with 2 of the pictures. O f the first 4, bottom left is Atheamer and Rose (Powell) Wardle's Wedding picture, myGrandparents. The last one in the second group are My Grandmother Rose and her oldest Daughter Fern Wardle White. Mom had no idea who or what Winegar written on the back of the picture.

  2. Virginia Hopson Billy, I almost forgot, Mom said she thinks the one next to Atheamer and Roses wedding picture is Junius (family called him Dunne) and Ann (Rommel)Wardles's Wedding picture. Virginia

  3. Thanks for your help! These are original photos. If you know of any descendants who would like to have them, please give them my contact information.
    Patti Call