Thursday, January 24, 2013

Your Heart Will Burn: Act 2 scene11: Martin's Cove
This scene shows the conditions in Martin's Cove.  Ashley Orton as the narrator sings a simple song, "Close Your Eyes" which sets the mood.  The leadership would often inspect the camp early in the morning.  Peter McBride's (played by Caleb) tent did blow over as depicted, and the family got out of the tent except for Peter.  He slept well, but his hair froze to the tent.  His sister, noticing he had not gotten out, assumed he had died in the tent.  I added this song to change the mood.  The play had been very emotional, and I wanted to leave on a more upbeat mood so added, snug as a bug.  Isaac and John Bailey did often have grave duty.  Langley did not as he was still bed ridden.  It was good news when they finally announced, no deaths in camp today.  However this was actually much later, after they left the cove and were headed to Salt Lake.  In the interest of time I could not depict the entire journey and so leave the party at Martin's Cove.  Langley Bailey road in wagon from Martin's Cove to Salt Lake City.

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