Monday, January 21, 2013

Mary Rupp, Leo Wardle: More Picture sharing and identification

This picture is identified on the back as Aunt Mary Rupp.  She is the daughter of William Haston and Annie Sorensen Wardle.  She was the third child of eleven born to this union.  She married Milton Woodruff Thompson and had six children with him.  When he passed away she married George Earl Rupp.  They had no children together but he did have four children from a previous marriage.  His first wife had also passed away.
 No identification on these two pictures.  Please help if you can.
Leo Wardle is also the son of William Haston and Annie Sorensen Wardle.  He was the fourth of eleven children.  He was married three times, Maude Tempest, Joy Jean Williams and Marian Adams.  My dad spent time with he and Aunt Joy during WWII when my dad was stationed at Treasure Island.  Uncle Leo worked for the rail industry.
This picture is identified as Lionel and Arthur Peterson, Children of Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary Peterson.  In ths case Mary is Mary Sorensen Peterson, youger sister of Annie Sorensen Wardle.  Lionel and Arthur are her two oldest children born 1901 and 1903.

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