Monday, January 21, 2013

William Haston and Anne Sorenson Wardle Reunion 1968?

Orrin, Norval, Reed, Delilah, Vernal, Leo, Mary, Wilford
 Uncle Roy is missing.
Adding spouses.  Please help to identify.  My Grandmother Melissa is in striped shirt. Lucile Wardle next to Reed.

I found these pictures amongst a bunch of pictures.  I am not sure of the year but probably between 1968 and 1972.  The reunion was always at Ross Park in Pocatello.  There was a big pot luck, and then leftovers later in the day.  One year a transcript was taken of memories.  There was a pool across the street, and big boulders to climb on.  Another year Fort Hall replica appeared on the hill.  The first year we had our run of the fort and played and played.

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  1. Rod Jackson: Hi Billy,

    With regard to the Wardle family reunion picture circa 1968-1970, I was at that family reunion. In the picture that shows all the Wardle brothers and spouses, going left to right in the picture, my Grandfather is the 3rd male from the left, Reed Wardle. My step-grandmother Lucile Wardle, is next to Reed. She to the immediate right of Reed in the picture. She’s the one with the purple pants.

    Best Regards, Rod.