Friday, January 18, 2013

Poem: My Heart Breaks

This poem reflects the letters of my father and grandmother to each other during WWII when my father was in the Navy.  I wrote this when I wrote my Dad's Naval history.  It reflects my Dad entering the Navy, being known as Wilford, and preferring Jim in the Navy.  I guess everyone went by their first name in the military.

My Heart Breaks

My Heart Breaks
I go to defend my country,
My arms ache.
I'm not found under summer trees.

I feel empty.
I will be safe, protected,
Danger, avoid the sea.
By God directed.

I worry, cry and weep;
I wish you could be calm,
At night I do not sleep.
My patriarchal blessing's balm.

But what of the farm?
I have a job to do here.
Work without harm.
When my job is done; I'll be there.

Guard your soul.
I will walk upright
Mind your eternal goals.
My actions guided by light.

You leave me, my Wilford,
I return to you as Jim.
My son, my manly ward.
I've learned to swim.

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