Thursday, January 24, 2013

Your Heart Will Burn: Scene by Scene

Act 1 Scene 1 and overture: Coalville; Isaac Wardle "When Ye Shall Receive These Things" "Live Goes On"
Act 1 Scene 2: Coalville; Isaac Wardle  "Your Heat Will Burn"
Act 1 Scene 3: Fairfield; The Ashtons "London Bridge" "Your Heart Will Burn"
Act 1 Scene 4:  Letters; William Severn and Mary Astle "When I get his letters"
Act 1 Scene 5: Coalville; Isaac Wardle "I love you Goodbye"
Act 1 Scene 6: Deck of the Horizon "Friends for Life" "Farewell to thee England""Oh Zion" "When I get his letters" reprise
Act 1 Scene 7: Deck of Horizon; "wedding march"
Act 1 Scene 8: Deck of Horizon; death of Elizabeth Ashton, "The Journey is Long"
Act 2 Scene 1: Iowa City; Martin Handcart Company, "Working" "Going Through the Eye of the Needle"
Act 2 Scene 2: On the trail in Iowa; Langley gets sick, "TheHandcart Song" birth of baby Sarah Ann Ashton "Life goes on" Reprise
Act 2 Scene 3: Florence, Nebraska; "Cheer Saints Cheer" "Campfire Dance" Langley's blessing, death of Sarah Ann Ashton, "I Love You, Goodbye" Campfire Dance
Act 2 Scene 4: Plains in Nebraska, site of A.W. Babbit wagon gravesite, death of Sarah Ann Ashton (not shown)
Act 2 Scene 5: Fort Laramie, William Ashton joins the infantry, "Live Goes ON" reprise "confrontation"
Act 2 Scene 6: Salt Lake City, Brigham Young starts the rescue"Get Them Here"
Act 2 Scene 7: Last Crossing of the Platte and its aftermath, Betsy freezes her feet "Oh Zion When I Think of Ye"
Act 2 Scene 8: Red Buttes, rescuers arrive
Act 2 Scene 9: At the Sweetwater, Rescuers carry many over the water "Get them Here" reprise
Act 2 Scene 10: Martin's Cove, Isaac gathers wood, "Come Come Ye Saints" Betsy passes away
Act 2 Scene 11: Martin's Cove; "See Them for Real," Peter McBride and the tent,"Snug as a Bug" leaving the cove
Act 2 Scene 12: Cedar City many year later; Francis Webster, "We Became Acquainted with God"
Curtain Call
Many Thanks to Susan McGhie for making the movie, Joe Eliason and Elaine Morris for the music.

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