Saturday, October 13, 2012

Isaac's Letters: Letter from Whitwick

Withn Wick Feb 13 1879
Lecster Shier England

Der Wifes and Children[,]  it is With plusher that i set Down to let you Nowe how i ham[.]  i ham Well thanck god family[.]  i hope that this Will find you injoying the Blesing Withes is the grates gift of god to is Mortles hear on hearth[.]  i ham now it the hous of my hant [aunt] fran Smith, my father sister[.]  She and here husband James Smith is Welle and was glad to see me and Made me Welcom to haney [any] thing that thay had[.]  this Was a blessing to me for i Was Weary by travling so many thousand Miles and glad to Bee one Home Whare i loud [allowed] lay Doune and Rest my Wearey Body[.]  i have found a grate Deal of Changes sinc i [page two] left hear[.]  the hold people that was hear When I Was hear have most all Moved or Dead[.]  Every thing Looks as thoe a Blast as Come over the Country and the people Do no Knowe what is the Mater[.]  thrad is so Bad that man With famaleys of 5 to 6 in family Make 2$ 50 cts for Weak[.]  this is all that thay have to live on[.]  you knowe Not Wat povety isin the Valey[.]  Brad is 4 ½ cents per pound[;] Beef 17 cts[;] Muten 18 cts[;] poters $1 : 25 lbs for hus[hel] and other thing in pronportion[.]  Men Dou Not No Wat to Du and Ware to go to Beter Their Condisen[.]  i hard peple gind falt at home before i left but that is all they knowe about hande times falt finder haught to Come heare then thay Wood think that god is Blesing is peple in the Valeys of the Mountins[.] [page three] i have taught since i gote in This plase that god as forsakned it and the sprit of the apost[asy] is heare more than Ever is Was[.]  i have had the privleg to Walk a Round to see Colevill and see som fue old friend[.]  thay tell me that hundreds of peoples is all most staveing to Deth and Willing to Work But Cant get any to Du[.]  i have had young men say to me that if i wood send them Way thay Wood Work for 75 cts for Day for 3 yearz and Bord them them selvs[.]  if this is Not the Beginning of god judgments i do No not ware it Will Comenc and i hope that i whall not see it and that [H]is fathful sant may Be gathred home that thay ma Not see it With me and [page four] the time may not Be long that the sants have to sofer [suffer] like thay Du Now in this Cuntry for the Comen Neserys [common necessaries] of life[.]   one sister told me that she had not tasted aney Meet for 3 Months and did Not knowe hos to get along But When The Elders Came she Wood give them a Bead to sleep in Wich she had Dun for 28 years[.]  i thought Wat a good thing it Wood Bee if Evry Elder that has slep in here house Wood think anuf of the favers Confred on them 2 give This Dear old sister 1 $ apee [a piece] to lete here in joye the same blessing that Enjoy at of haing anuf to Eate[.]  if No more my hart brakes to see the pore sants in poverty and no hope of Been [page five] Beter[.]  When thay asked me to Eat With Them i Thought how Thank full you and thr Brethen and sisters ought to be to our havnly father for the Blesing you Enjoy at home[.]  you No not the povety of the pepel is and i hope and pray you never may see Wat I see[.]  Now Behold my hart akes at the site[.] is at the site[.]   i Whnt you to try to Bee of good Cheer about me[.]  the Lord as Been With me by and Land and see[;] all though i Was very sick on see[.]  his spirit [was] With me When I hasked Bro John South to adminater to me[.]  the Waves and see cecam came as i Thold him it Wood[.] [page six] i shall Now say some thing to you about my Travling[.]  We got to New York in 5 days[.]  attended meating Witch ad Bee appointed[.]  spock to the peple[.]  Dun our Bisnis on the Mondy[.]  Whent on Bord tusday[.]  started Wensday at 11 Clock[.]  the Captin and ofecers Was glad to see us and said that Now We shall go throue al Right fer Not one vessel Ever Went Doun When one of yares Elders was on Bord[.]  i Was surprised at this[.]  Tould the stuand Not to give us prais[;] But god Was our protecton and we shud go thrue all Right[.]  The 4 Night We was Conted on to speck to the pepel Which give good attention all Bu[t] 1[.]  i told him [page seven] that We take the Bible for our gide and if he Coud confound us We Wood go home[.]  But this he Did Not Du[.]  the peple lafed him to [s]Corne and said that he Beter go to school and  Slanne Beter send then to try to put Doun the Mormons Eldres[.]  this Was New to me But god sprit Was With us and We had the Respect of an Bord [.] the Y vessel Wide all men Wood shun him as a inposter[.]  so you see that god Duse strengthen is servants When thay trust in him[.]  We a Rived at Liverpool Satady at 2 a m[.]  When to the ofis Bro Buges[.]  Been out stayed all Night[.]  Whent to Meating on Sunday[.]  3 Meeting Was held.  We Been Caled on to speek to the pepel[.]  We Was [page eight] glad of having the optunity of Raisin our vices in the balef [belief] of godWork in out Native land[.]  to see the sants gather around us and Make us Whalkom [welcome] my hart Did Most ackordedly Rejoice[.]  the spirit of god was With us and at Evning Mmeting[.]  The Word had spred thrue som partes of toun that 2 Elders from slat Lake ad com to preach[.]  i felt very Weake to fill the position[.]  i apricied I Been the first of the 2 But to my satfactin the Lord Was With us[.]  the our sides Was glad that tay come to hear for themsalve[.]  i nou am on a visit to my Native toune; Wich privleg Was grant[ed] for 2 Weaks, the i gate [turned over] my field of laber[.] Ware i know Not[.]  i shall Wright When I get there[.]  goodby for the[.]  god bles you all is the prain of your husband and father[.]  Isaac J Wardle

Ijw to home
Feb 14 1879
Dearest Martha an and Sophia, John n Ivitez, araminty, William, Joseph, Charles, Hannah and my Dear little Sillas Wardle[;]  Good Morning to your all[.]  i hope you are all Well as it leve me[.]  thank god[.]  i thought I Wood say to you that i visiting amont the sant and Du all I Can to Comfel them[.]  thay are all glad to see me But feel sorey that thay are poor that thay canot feed Me as thay Wood like to Do[.]  i have got 2 Wheaks to visits Before i go to my feld of labr so Du  Not Right to me till you hear  from  Me [tear] Not knowing Wh[  ] [page two] may be Callad to laber as yeat[.]  i stayed at Liverpool office 2 Daye and atanded Meeting their[.]  came to Coal ville on Mondy Night[.]  stayed at a hoetell.  Next Morning visitin the Cole min Whare i Worked When i left[.]  hear found thing Changed very Much[.]  i shall Right More patters When i ahe time and my hade is beter [;] is bad from the mazes of the see and Comes it seems hard for Me to Walk as yet[.]  ;et Bro Wet Bills Red this and give love to one and all[.]  Thay all seem allik to me[.]  When [I] thing of the Dear one at home[.]  Give Me your prain that I may be fathfull good[.]  by for the present[.]  god bles your all[.]  [two lines folded over and can’t read]


  1. I am just amazed that these letters still exist. I had no idea there were any letters in his own handwriting. Who has these originals now? And where did he/she get them?

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more.

    1. Michael Wardle, who descends from Sophia, (last surviving wife) found them in an old box. He has donated them to the church history library, however he has scans of them all. The letters I am working on he calls the stitched letters, as he could not open them, and the church history library opened them and scanned them.

  2. Like Iva, I had no idea these letters existed. This is pure gold. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Iva, if you are ever around BYU on a Tuesday, stop in at the Family History Library! I'm there all day and I would love to meet you. You were so much help to me while I was writing my Wardle paper.

  3. Patti, I have moved to St. George, Utah but I do get up that way from time to time. I will definitely look you up.